DNA Testing Services

One-Stop Solution for DNA and Paternity Testing: What makes Definite DNA unique is our ability to coordinate the entire DNA collection process for you—From the initial phone call, scheduling of the collection, to the transmission of the results back to you.

Use our DNA services for proof for paternity, relationship (sibling, grandparent), immigration, individual DNA profile, estate planning, and genealogy.

Fast and Accurate Results: Results are 100% accurate and our turnaround time for test results is the fastest in the industry with overnight results available.

Convenient Collection Facilities and Mobile Services: We have collection facilities across the country and the surrounding area. We can also come to you—this means that DNA test collections can be conducted in the privacy of your own home and on-site in hospitals and maternity wards.

Legally Admissible: All of our DNA and Paternity tests are performed by professional collectors, who ensure chain of custody, and our tests are fully admissible in all New York State Courts. All the labs we use follow the rigorous high quality standards set by the United States Department of Health.

Affordable Pricing: Our high quality DNA testing is competitively priced making accurate DNA results affordable for everyone.

Excellent Customer Service: Our professionally trained DNA consultants are available to assist you through each step of the DNA testing process.

National Availability: Definite DNA has a national reach, so if there are individuals that you need tested, and they reside in different cities or states, we are capable of scheduling their appointments in thousands of locations across the United States.

Confidentiality: We understand the sensitive nature associated with DNA and Paternity testing. Therefore, your personal information and testing results are always kept completely confidential.